The old school opened in 1861, the new school was built in 1975.

Old School

Ruishton School (now called the Bell House) is at the crossroads that marks the centre of the old village, having served many generations of village children since its foundation in 1861. Before 1861, children’s education in the village, was conducted by two Dames schools in the village, for a fee of fourpence to sixpence a week, which many parents could not afford. Most of the children attended the Baptist church in the next village, as the fees were only a penny a week.n 1873 a school an inspectors report said it was efficient and there was no deficiency in places available. Village life sometimes effected school activities, for example, in 1889 the school log recorded “Haymaking makes attendance irregular” and in 1891, “School closed as Headmistress wishes to accompany the Choir Outing”.

In 1890, the inspectors reported that a single teacher was insufficient so an additional infant teacher was appointed in 1892 (the people of Ruishton always took their time). On September 4th. 1891, school fees were dropped.

On December 31st. 1894, an old man died in Utica, New York, U.S.A. leaving a fortune of millions. This was the Honourable John Thorne. By birth he was a native of Ruishton, by trade, originally a candle maker, but later he made his fortune by land speculation, selling it to the railways at a fantastic profit. He never forgot the village where he grew up, giving a generous charity that benefited the Church, school and children of the village.

In 1903 an unfavourable inspectors report was issued, then in 1906 the Board of Education demanded that things be improved, this was complied with, although at a leisurely pace. The school was later ordered to make more changes in 1910 and received a severe slap on the wrist, when things did not happen quick enough. In 1914 the room was removed from general use and the school was removed from the black list.