Parish History

Village Hall

Facts about the village Hall (presented by Tony Shattock and Lyz Lyddon)

In 1974 the Ruishton P.T.A. was formed & out of this
came the suggestion from parents, Tony Shattock and Brian Ward that a village
hall was needed.

It was proposed by Tony Shattock, Brian Wood and Liz
Lyddon canvas the villagers to ask their opinion – the result was a resounding
Yes and a fact finding committee under the chairmanship of Mr Maurice Bryant
(an ex parish councillor and villager) was formed. This committee consisted of
Mr Brian Elliott (sec), Mr Shattock, Mr Ward, Mrs Cave, Mrs Kiddell, Mike Silk,
Mr & Mrs Cann & Mrs Lyddon.

The facts from this committee were then presented to the
parish council at an open meeting in the old village school.

1975 a new village hall fund raising committee was
established under the chairmanship of Mr John Agg. The committee were Tony
Shattock, Brian Ward, Brian Elliott, Mrs Cave, Mrs Kiddell, Mr Kennard, Peter
Mason, Liz Lyddon, Julia and Ron Cann, and Mike Silk.

25th march 1975 Mr Frost (District councillor)
informed the committee a 75% grant could be obtained and should be applied for
without delay.

After many discussions regarding possible locations, including
the old school and Mrs Jelks field, the place decided for the site, was the
area connected to the playing fields.  This
would be a 30 year lease starting 1st April 1979 for £5,000, where £600
would need to be raised by the villagers.

Everyone (almost without exception) helped to raise the

  1. Mr
    Shattock had a barometer put in the then village shop to show our progress.
  2. Mr
    shattock had introduced the village draw – still going today
  3. Mr
    Elliott suggested ‘May Day’ celebrations
  4. Mrs
    Cave had dances, raffles & bingo
  5. Mrs
    Janet Fowler introduced evenings of songs at the opera
  6. The
    committee organised an annual fund raising event at the new school, combination
    of car boot stalls and second hand stalls(Mr Spurrier)
  7. Refreshment
    van on main road by Mrs Lyddon and everybody helped.

1st November 1978 Planning permission was granted

Education & Science 50% Total cost
Somerset County Council 12.1/2%
T.D.B.C 12.1/2%
Ruishton villagers 25%

£7,500 had already been raised by the village Feb 1979

The village hall was officially opened on 15th
December 1979

Old maps of Ruishton

Ruishton map circa 1903
Map c.1903
Ruishton map circa 1610
Map c.1610