Millennium Video Library

The Ruishton Millennium Project was set up to arrange a series of events to mark and celebrate the new millennium. This booklet aims to give you a brief insight into all the ages of the parish and to commemorate the Millennium Project held on March 10th - 13th, 2000 AD at Ruishton Village Hall with guest speaker Tom Mayberry, Assistant Archivist, Somerset County Council.

It is purely coincidence that on 10th March 1863, exactly 137 years ago to date, Reverend James Ward planted a Scotch Fir Tree in the

garden of the School House to commemorate the marriage of Albert Edward Prince of Wales. Again we find ourselves commemorating yet another memorable occasion on March lOth. We have endeavoured to include a variety of items, which we hope will reflect the evolution of life in the villages of Ruishton, Henlade and Thornfalcon through their inhabitants, the buildings, the environment and landscape, and leisure. The future is moulded from the present which itself has evolved from the past - thus the title of our project - Ruishton Past, Present and Future. We have attempted through this project to tangibly preserve and record a little of our past and present, with the children of Ruishton School providing a glimpse into the future.

Gwyneth Bryant