Village Day 2019

Ruishton Village Day Flower Show 20th  July 2019

The annual 37th Ruishton Flower Show this year took place on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and appropriately it attracted 2 visitors from outer space, a Cyberman and a Sycorax both members of the 15th Cyber Legion a Dr Who costuming group.

The traditional week long annual Scarecrow Trail led up to the Ruishton Flower Show and this year’s theme of “I do like to be beside the seaside” saw scarecrow mermaids, water skiers, fishermen, surfers, and sunbathers. The winners were selected by public vote with the Scarecrow Trophy being awarded to Penny Wallace for her scarecrow “Marlin’s saving Dory” which was made from plastic bottles to highlight the threat to the oceans by plastic waste. Second place went to Arthur and Lyn Atyeo’s “Grandpa-Jack” who was dressed for a typical English summer’s day complete with raincoat and umbrella. Sirėne a golden mermaid from Lydia Carver was in third place and All three were brought to the Show to keep guard over the Show’s popular Potato in a Bucket Class and the new Grow a Carrot in a Welly Class.

The Atyeo family had a very successful show with Arthur Atyeo being a first time winner of the  

Ruishton Challenge Cup for securing the highest number of points in the Vegetable, Fruit and Flowers sections plus the Ruishton Vegetable Plate as well as the Mary Rolland Millennium Cup for the best Pot Flowering Plant.  While Lyn Atyeo took the Tony Shattock Village Day Flower Cup for amassing the most points in the Flowers section. The Marshall Cup as runner up in the Vegetable, Fruit and Flowers sections was awarded to Hazel Greenslade whose son Darren won the Potato trophy for a crop of 2.3kgs produced from one seed potato. Sue Sherry won the Claydon Challenge Trophy in the hotly contested Rhubarb class and the Dr and Mrs Carton Rose Bowl for a specimen rose went to Jo Bell.

Susan Webster who was a first time winner of the R & J Cave Cup as the overall winner of the cookery section and was also awarded the cup for the Scones class. Lydia Carver as runner up in the cookery section received the Walker Cup and also the Cup for the Lemon Drizzle cake. Jessica Dash must be given a special mention who as a first time entrant of the Victoria Sandwich (Ladies) class and was awarded the cup, while Andy Carver took the cup for Victoria Sandwich (Men).

There were many imaginative and diverse entries in the Handicrafts Section where Lydia Carver retained the Arthur Jelks Tray as having the highest number of points and also won the M & E Duke woodwork Cup for the first time. The other cups in handicrafts were, the Photography Cup which went to Mel Mullins for his “At the seaside” photo and the cup for hand knitted article to Sylvia Kearle.

With a theme of “At the Seaside” the well supported Floral Art provided yet another closely contested Section which saw Susan Webster becoming a first time winner of the Maudie Hayward Trophy for amassing the highest points in the section. The Herbert Blaney Cup for the miniature floral arrangement was awarded to Pat Ward.

Once more the quality of the entries made the judging of the Drinks section challenging but enjoyable; Paul Baker took the Mr & Mrs Breeze Cup as overall winner plus the Wine of the Show Cup for his bottle of Rosė.

As in previous years entries in the Children’s Section showed wonderful degrees of imagination and skills with the Henlade Cup for the Decorated Pizza being retained by Amelia Smallacombe with Lily Smallacombe winning a cup for the best decorated wooden spoon. The Lego class cup winners were Jessica Dash (J & M Growtage Trophy) and Freddie Hill.

Flower Show Chairman Mike Marshall was pleased to see so many first time winners which shows that the this event will continue to grow and he congratulated all the entrants whose contributions and hard work made the Show a such a success.

Mike Marshall Chairman Ruishton Flower Show

Cup Description Winners
Ruishton Challenge Cup(Highest points Sect. I & II – Veg. Fruit & Flowers) Arthur Atyeo
Mr & Mrs Marshall Cup(Runner-up Sect. I & II – Veg. Fruit & Flowers) Hazel Greenslade
Ruishton Vegetable Plate(Highest points Section I – Veg & Fruit) Arthur Atyeo
Claydon Challenge Trophy (Rhubarb) Sue Sherry
Potato Crop Trophy Darren Greenslade
The Tony Shattock Village Day Cup(Highest points Section II – Flowers) Lyn Atyeo
Dr & Mrs Carton Rose Bowl  (Specimen Rose) Jo Bell
Mary Rolland Millennium Cup  (Pot Flowering Plant) Arthur Atyeo
David Berry Cup  (Bookmark) Jessica Dash
The Henlade Cup (Decorated Pizza) Amelia Smallacombe
Lego Model age 4 – 8 yrs Freddie Hill
The J & M Growtage Trophy – Lego 9-14yrs Katie Dash
Children’s Handwriting 4 – 5 yrs Harley Rae
Children’s Handwriting 6 – 7 yrs Georgie Drew
Children’s Handwriting 8 – 11 yrs Isabelle Gee
Wooden Spoon Lily Smallacombe
Cup Description Winners
R&J Cave Cup(Highest points Section IV – Cookery) Susan Webster
Walker Cup  (Runner-up Section IV – Cookery) Lydia Carver
Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake Lydia Carver
Scones Susan Webster
Victoria Sandwich – Ladies Jessica Dash  
Victoria Sandwich – Men Andy Carver
Arthur Jelks Tray  (Highest Points Section V  Handicrafts) Lydia Carver
Hand knitted Article Sylvia Kearle
M & E Duke Cup (Woodwork) Lydia Carver
Photography Cup – best of classes 92 & 93 Mel Mullins
Maudie Hayward Trophy (Highest points Section VI – Floral Arr.) Susan Webster
Herbert Blaney Cup  (Miniature Floral Arrangement) Pat Ward
Mr & Mrs Breeze Cup  (Highest points Section VII – Wine & Drinks) Paul Baker
Wine of the Show – best of classes 103 -105 Paul Baker
Scarecrow Cup Penny Wallace
Hanging Basket Cup Liam Holley
Ruishton Flower Show 20th July 2019
Fruit & Veg 1st
Collection of 4 vegetables  Arthur Atyeo
Potatoes, Kidney, any colour including white, 5.  Hazel Greenslade
Potatoes, 5 Round  Arthur Atyeo
Onions 5  Arthur Atyeo
Onions, Heaviest  Arthur Atyeo
Courgettes 3  Arthur Atyeo
Potato Crop in a Bucket ** Cup **  Darren  Greenslade
Peas 10 pods  Jim Claydon
Carrots 5  Dave Duke
Shallots 10  Arthur Atyeo
Runner beans 5  Dave Duke
Broad beans 5  Hazel Greenslade
Lettuce 2 heads  Doug Lowe
Beetroot, 3 specimens  Arthur Atyeo
Tomatoes 5, with calyx (stem) attached.  Dave Duke
Cucumber, pair  Jenny Snowden
Mangetout Peas, 5 pods
Rhubarb, 3 Sticks *** Cup ***  Sue Sherry
Deformed vegetable, any type  Paula Layzell
Any other Vegetable (single specimen)  Susan Webster
Gooseberries, 10  Sue Sherry
Raspberries, 10  Hazel Greenslade
One dish, any variety of fruit not mentioned in the Schedule  Arthur Atyeo
Flowers 1st
Geraniums, 3 stems  Lyn Atyeo
Pansies, 5 blooms  Hazel Greenslade
Any other annual, 6 stems  Lyn Atyeo
Perennials, 1 or more varieties, 6 stems  Paul Crompton
Annual Sweet Peas, 6 stems  Clare Corrigan
Dahlias, 4 blooms  Dave Duke
Mixed garden flowers, between 6 and 9 stems  Paul Crompton
Roses, 3 blooms (HT)  Hazel Greenslade
One Specimen Rose *** Cup ***  Jo Bell
Collection of 3 named, cut, cullinary herbs, 3 stems of each.  Susan Webster
3 stems of flowering shrub.  Liam Holley
Cactus or Succulent  Paul Crompton
Pot flowering plant max pot 10″ dia. *** Cup ***  Arthur Atyeo
Pot foliage plant (Exhibitor for min of 4 months) max pot 10″ dia.
Fuschia Heads floating on water, 7 heads, max bowl 10″ dia.  Hazel Greenslade
Cookery 1st
1 Jar of Marmalade  Hazel Greenslade
1 Jar of Raspberry or Strawberry Jam. 1lb approx.  Arthur Atyeo
1 Jar of Gooseberry or Blackcurrent Jam 1lb approx  Peter  Jones
1 Jar of Any other jam, jelly or fruit preserve, 1lb approx.  Janette Blair
1 jar of Chutney or Pickle  Janette Blair
6 home made biscuits  Rachael Tarr
6 Brownies  Samantha  Dash
Loaf of bread Ladies/Girls  Lydia Carver
Loaf of bread Men/Boys  Andy Carver
6 pieces fo fudge, any flavour  Susan Webster
6 Pieces of Millionaires Shotbread  Tom Edwards
Savoury Flan.  Joan Roberton
Afternoon tea for two on a tray  Susan Webster
12 Cheese Straws.  Mavis Skeggs
6 Scones. *** Cup ***  Susan Webster
Victoria Sandwich. Ladies and Girls *** Cup ***  Jessica Dash
Victoria and boys *** Cup ***  Andy Carver
Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle cake *** Cup ***  Lydia Carver
Handicrafts 1st
Any hand-knitted article *** Cup ***  Sylvia Kearle
Best use of half a metre of fabric  Rachael Tarr
Any crochet article  Jennifer Arscott
Upcycle: create something new from something old  Samantha  Dash
Papercraft  Janette Blair
Soft Toy  Sonia Tucker
Machine sewn article  Janette Blair
Any woodwork handicraft, all to be made by exhibitor. *** Cup ***  Lydia Carver
Any textile handicraft.  Janette Blair
A Painting or Drawing in any medium  Lydia Carver
Any other Handicraft not mentioned in schedule  Lydia Carver
Colour Photograph – “At the Seaside”  Mel Mullins
Colour Photograph “I’d eat that”  Mike Perry
Floral Art 1st
Foliage only exibit  Lydia Carver
 Petite exhibit  Harrison Pike
 Miniature Floral exhibit *** Cup ***  Pat Ward
Posy in a glass  Pat Ward
A corsage to wear on the rist  Susan Webster
An exibit of Fresh plant material  Susan Webster
Drinks 1st
A home-made Sloe Gin  Paul Baker
A home-made Fruit Liqueur  Paul Baker
A Jug of home-made Non-alcoholic Fruit Drink  Joan Thatcher
Any Home Made Red Wine  Peter Light
Any Home Made White Wine  Ian Tucker
Any home-made Rose Wine  Paul Baker
Any other Liqueur  Peter Light
Class Description 1st 2nd 3rd
Finger and/or hand printing 3 yrs  Darcy   Ria   Felicity 
Finger and/or hand printing 4 yrs  Zara   Shevonne   Ben 
Painted flower pot  4-11 yrs.  Chloe Brierly  Millie Barnes   Peyton Kyles
Handwriting – poem 4-5 yrs. ** Cup **  Harley Rae  Lucas   Lewis 
Handwriting – poem  6-7 yrs. ** Cup **  Georgie Drew  Jessica   Toby Lockyer
Handwriting – poem 8-11 yrs ** Cup **  Isabelle Gee  Olivia Mae Muller  Katie Dash
An Observational Drawing 4-7 yrs.  Winter Kearney  Sophia Drew  Harriet Coupe
An Observational Drawing 8-11 yrs..  Lily Smallacombe  Ngaire McKay  Alexander Wiatrowski
A Painting or Drawing 4-7 yrs.  Isabelle Humphries  Imogen Kelly  Winter Kearney
A Painting or Drawing 8-11 yrs..  Toby Hooper  Amelia   Jessica Dash
A Miniature seaside on a plate 4-11 yrs  Amelia Smallacombe  Jessica Dash  Katie Dash
Cress Pot 4 -11 yrs.  Jessica Dash  Jasmine Corrigan  Katie Dash
Lego Model Original Design   9 – 14 yrs. *** Cup ***  Katie Dash  Jessica Dash  Freya Tarr
An Edible Necklace.  Jessica Dash  Arthur Corrigan
A bookmark.  *** Cup ***  Jessica Dash  Isabelle   Willow 
A Wooden Spoon Person. *** Cup ***  Lily Smallacombe  Amelia Smallacombe  Chloe Brierly
A Decorated Pizza *** Cup ***  Amelia Smallacombe  Arthur Corrigan  Lily Smallacombe
Lego Model Original Design  4 – 8 yrs. ** Cup **  Freddie Hill – age 6  Arthur Corrigan
3D Sundae  Lily Smallacombe  Amelia Smallacombe
Carrot in a welly  Lily Smallacombe  Amelia Smallacombe