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Neighbourhood planning documents are held by who created it.
Parish Council
Application for formal designation of neighbourhood area

Taunton Deane

Statement of requirements (Planning Policy Officer)

Legal matters (Planning Policy Officer)
Neighbourhood development plan area designation (Planning Policy Team)

Plan for the future (TDBC news release 25/5/2016)

East of Junction 25 Strategic Employment Site

Value of a Second Strategic Employment Site

Somerset County Council

M5 Junction 25 highway improvements
M5 Junction 25 Improvement Scheme
M5 J25 Strategic Employment Site
£18m upgrade of M5 J25 moves a step closer

Stearing/Project Groups

Business/Employment Survey Findings
Household Survey Report
Primary School Survey
Secondary School survey
Community Participation Village Day 2017
Village Day 2016
Business Employment findings

Stearing Group Terms of Reference
Project Team Guidance Notes
Boundry map
Comunity consultation at Village Day (16/7/2016)


What is a neighbourhood plan
Neighbourhood planning bill
CCS meeting notes 6/9/2016
A303/A358: work to create an expressway to the South West (highways england)
J25 Employment Site
Heart of South West Local Transport Board
A303/A30/A358 Corridor Feasibility Study (Highways Agency)


Steering Group
06/11/2016 2/10/2017 4/9/2017 24/7/2017
5/6/2017 5/4/2017 6/3/2017 6/2/2017
17/11/2016 7/10/2016 1/9/2016 26/7/2016




Project Team
    25/9/2017 26/6/2017
17/3/2017 30/1/2017 14/11/2016 12/9/2016